High Street Fashion

The holiday starts when you start looking for clothes for it. Floaty Kaftans, bright bikinis, jewelled sandals, all a million miles away from the rain and cold of winter, all taking you one step closer to pure white beaches and turquoise seas. Of course, you don't want to blow your holiday budget on a bikini, no matter how gorgeous it is, and it can be difficult to find exactly what you want to wear for the right price.

There are some good options on the high-street to help you solve this problem. TopShop, Warehouse, Miss Selfridge, Republic, all offer good quality clothes at reasonable prices so that whatever cut, colour and price you're looking for there'll almost certainly be something for you. Of course, it can be frustrating to have to trek from shop to shop to find something you want.

One way to avoid this tedious problem is to go to a store like New Look which has it all under one roof. Swim-suits, sandals, jewellery, shoes, bags; you can find it all in one place and avoid having to fight your way through endless shops. You can also avoid too much damage to your bank-account: New Look's products are reasonably priced and there are often good sales on so you can find yourself a real bargain.

Another potential creator of stress on a shopping trip is having to drag screaming kids or a sulky husband around with you. New Look has ranges for men, women, teens and children meaning they'll have something to occupy themselves whilst you get on with the important job of finding yourself something gorgeous. New Look has a ?basics? range ? plain colours, simple designs - which is accompanied by more edgy, fashion pieces so that you can mix-and-match for that perfect outfit.

If you're looking for something up-to-date and bang on trend that won't break the bank New Look can also help. They often have a ?get the look? section which collects various pieces grouped around a particular theme (military, bohemian, gothic) so that you can keep up with the latest fashions without having to sacrifice your overdraft.

Of particular note is New Look's range of shoes. For a high street store that doesn't focus only on shoes it is impressive: boots, pumps, high-heels, trainers whatever you want they've probably got it. They also do wide-fit shoes in the same funky styles for those who don't want to sacrifice fashion for comfort.

If you want to avoid trawling round the shops it might be an idea to look at New Look's website


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