Fashion Tips to Accentuate Your Body Type

Fashion Tips to Accentuate Your Body Type

Generally there are four major types of body shapes: The Apple Body Shape, The Pear Body Shape, The Hourglass Shape and The Rectangle Shape. And it’s sure that almost all women fall under one or the other body shape among these. It’s always good to know your body shape for creating an overall silhouette and identifying dressing style that complement your body shape and avoid the flaws.

To have a perfect body shape is not possible for everyone. But there is no need to underestimate you because of this shortcoming. There are styles for every body shape to flatter them. Rather than criticizing you it’s good to consider these options and apply them. You can also call these options as fashion tips, which own potential to change your world to an extreme extent. It will let you know which type of clothes you should wear to flatter your figure. Or you can also evince your personal style while choosing clothing that suits your figure best. Remember your measurements can change over the period of time but body shape will remain constant throughout life.

But before moving further towards fashion tips, it’s good to know which body shape are you? Here is an explanation about them.

The apple body shape is narrower towards the bottom and heavy at the top. Women with this body shape gains weight around the abdomen. Avoid anything that clings to the stomach. It gives an awkward look.

The pear body shape is also cited as triangle or bell shaped. It is usually smaller at the top and has its full weight on hips, thighs and legs. It is heavy on the waistline and at the bottom.

The hourglass shape is ideal of all the figures and many women aspire to have this figure. It represents the silhouette same as sandglass. Clearly defined waist and upper and lower parts of the same ratio are its features.

The rectangular body type is also defined as straight body type. In this waist, hips and breasts are of the same size thus weight is evenly distributed all over.

After reading the descriptions you can have an idea in which category you fall. But there is a difference between to know about body shapes and to know what type of dresses accentuates the best features of particular body type. Below written fashion tips will serve you as a guideline to enhance your appearance, regardless of the fact whatever your body type is.

Fashion Tips for Apple Shape Figure

Women having apple shape figure in addition having beautiful legs have added advantage to show them off. But protruding waist and wide shoulders are their negative points, which they have to destress. There are some styles donning which you can hide your flaws. Let’s have a look on them.

1) V- neckline dresses are the best choices for apple shaped women as it draw an elongated look for them and take attention towards the neckline, thus hiding the flaws.

2) Wrap dresses are also a good choice for them as it gives an illusion of smaller waists.

3) As entire weight is on the waistline so wearing empire waist dresses camouflages the weight around the stomach.

4) Tunic style short skirts that show off legs also create a beautiful proportion for them.

Fashion Tips for Pear Shape Figure

Pear shape women have their full weight on the lower part i.e. hips, thighs and waist. So they should wear dresses that draw attention to their upper part and draw attention away from the hips and thighs. Fashion tips for them are:

1) Bateau, squared and cowl neckline dresses are best for them as they can accentuate upper part beautifully. Dresses with beautiful patterned and textured top also draw attention to the top.

2) Choice of all the figures i.e. A-line dresses is also a perfect wear for them as they skim the hip portion.

3) Small jackets not large ones that fall just above the hip are also a good choice.

4) Bright colors tops with darker bottom also gives an illusion of balanced appearance.

Fashion Tips for Hourglass Shape Figure

Hourglass figure as is well known has wider top and bottom. It can accentuate its any curve and can de-emphasize bust and hips for a longer and leaner look. Fashion tips regarding it are:
1) Dresses like wrap dresses, empire waist dresses, cinched waists who defines waistline are good to wear.
2) Fitted skirts and dresses are good to show off your curves.
3) One color dresses create a balanced look for hourglass figures.
4) V- neckline dresses are good to draw eyes towards upper part.

5) Avoid heavy fabrics and go for the light ones.

Fashion Tips for Rectangular Shape Figure

As weight is evenly distributed in rectangular shapes figures, you can create an illusion of more curves with some fashion tips. Like:
1) Dresses having scoop necklines or v-necklines give an illusion of curves.
2) Dresses having defined waists and flare at the bottom are a good option.

3) Layered dresses add more proportions to this figure type.

4) Dresses having details at the bust area are also suitable enough.

Fashion world is topping so high that it can find the solution of any problem. In the same way it has come up with many solutions for all the body types. Now you do not need to regret for whatever shape you possess. When from heart you will accept your body shape, then only these fashion tips can accentuate you. So love you figure and see the magic of these tips.


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