Photo caption: The easiest ways to work cue spike

The cue spike or as they are called Hairdressers "cue Fishtail" one of the most Altsfivat which are very popular among most women, not only because strand generally give the appearance of women Locke a youth fun makes you look more vibrant and out, but they also adorn your hair look Romantic attractive, especially in wedding occasions Khflat degree make you look radiant princess lightning eyes.

The main feature of this Altsfivp it Tbozor details of the hair nicely, especially if some of the colorful _khaslath Balhae Light yellow or fiery red, your hair color appears in the plexus are nested mixed superbly

Action steps cue Fishtail

1- Pour a custom spray for styling your hair and then the entire comb Mctih large fingers or hands to break the contract and wisps interlocking.

2 - Put a very small amount of serum on your hands and Dlkiha between your fingers, your hands will make Valsirom Naamtin, and facilitate the process of differentiation of hair, as it will prevent hair from overlap each other.

3 - Gather your hair and Arbtih Bharitp small back or on one side of your face, then Avrekaya to have two characteristics equal in size exactly. Make sure you are well Tmiskin them between your fingers.

4 - Take a few filaments from thethe bottom the right so that trait comes from behind the ear and then put them above and Odmjeha trait with the left , thenpull a few hairs from the bottom of another trait the left and then put them above Odmjeha with the other side .

5 - Repeat this process for the parties to pray, do not worry if some Ansdlt Wisps of the strand, finish your task and you will see that the result has become staggering.

6 - After you are finished, Tie the strand by a band of satin and Massage plexus to loosen tight curls and give your hair a natural look attractive.

Work of the French Steps spike

 Differ from the regular French braid in that it relies on the idea of ​​braiding hair from the beginning of the entire front of the head to the parties. To implement this perfectly, Follow the following steps

1 - Take a small strand of the front of the head in the form of a triangle and then to have two characteristics equal Avrekayaa pectinate and both of them well to make sure of themselves free of the contract altogether, and Thbtehma in good hands.

2 - Put right hand on the left hand trait is taut and then Take the other strand from the left side at the line of hair, Mrreha Odmjeha above and with the other side, keeping each strand Ogmi well between the fingers of your hands.

3 - Repeat this process until you have finished all the side locks of hair near the hair line, and make sure as much as possible to be Wisps equal in size and density to show the strand in the Sui and stylish.

4 - after access to the area behind the ear, in the same way finish-strand braid fishtail and Tie Party hair neat bond

Spica French side

Although the previous Altsfiftin that needed for the long hair of course, but this does not prevent the application that you can you if your hair is medium length, but a little differently by braiding wisps in the front side gives Locke a more feminine and appealing:

1 - Gather the front only wisps of hair "hair from his forehead," one of the two sides to the left or right, so that this trait is the focus of the implementation of the plexus.

2 - Take a few filaments of the introduction of the trait and the halves of two characteristics identical in size and begin implementation of the strand in the same way as the previous should be doing each time by adding a lock of the portion of the plexus, not only from the rest of the hair.

3 - finish plexus behind the ear the same side that started it, then Tie Party hair after completion and for in the plexus on the head and Thbtiha using some hair pins. Finally, do not forget to carefully massage the head to relax the tight curls


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