First what you think of women at various ages for the change is Taltha [New Look], which is always beginning her hair, which is mindlessly unintended start pouring in by the colors and tints of green, black and even red .. And without knowing that it plans to have her hai

The risk of dye
Vabbgp is the most dangerous tools used to change hair color because they contain chemicals that may be offered hair burned and brittle and dry, as it is occurring health risks to the user, as pointed out some of the results of studies that hair dye can increase the risk of infections cancer especially because the main ingredient in the dye is Coal tar, which may also cause a skin rash in some individuals and Hersh and sensitivity.

And loneliness. The leading - Consultant dermatologist that the multiplicity of the use of different types of pigments in the hair does not fall ill, damaged health Kasala only, but repeated use of the dye up to less than four weeks or the use of dye color is completely different from the original color of the hair lead to damage the bark of hair and poor resistance to external factors .

Impact on the skin
Do not cause any damage to the facial skin, but if the person is allergic to a component of the dye in this case cause infections in the face, so you should visit a dermatologist as soon as the infection even if it were simple so as not to leave a lasting effect on the skin but in the case of the sensitivity of the scalp as a result of dyes and use frequent must immediately remove the materials holding and use of solvents, especially knowing that he does not need to cut the hair because the allergen become inactive after it dries the hair and allergy treatment itself depends on the type and severity of symptoms if the symptoms are simple only treatment is topical, but if symptoms are severe in this case the patient requires some oral medications for several weeks

After the treatment of allergy symptoms you must specify the type of allergens through the work of test sensitivity to the dermatologist and then refrain from dyes that contain this material, as well as to refrain from other materials that may share this article on chemical composition, such as certain medications and others.

So when you need to use hair dyes must be guaranteed source of a dye manufactured by international companies specialized and described in articles manufactured by and expiry date must also use dyes, which consists of natural materials Kalhnp is assuring the safety of types of dyes which do not cause allergies, but they give some sort is Fixed colors are not available but limited

Tips when you use the dye
-                                                 Do not leave the dye on the head for a long time.

- Wash your scalp thoroughly with water after using the dye.

- You must wear gloves that are found with the dye so as not to irritate the skin.

- Do not confuse the different hair dyes with each other if not You be interested in color because it could lead to adverse reactions.
- Do not dye your eyebrows and eyelashes so do not expose your eyes to the danger, because the eye is more sensitive than other members of the other body, it can be shown that swelling or inflammation of the eye may be offered to blindness.
- to avoid allergy symptoms of the dye-test the product can develop a simple dye behind the ear and do not wash for two days, and if there is itching, burning skin, rash and you should refrain from the use of this dye on the spot.
- Do not change your hair color every week and not only Tljii to dye your hair if the color shift to full white hair.


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