Department of a woman's hair care experts in terms of fish and density of the five basic types, each type of method, especially in dealing with him, and certain ways of dressing suit them. Read the following lines Learn about the different kinds of poetry and how to deal with each of them, as well as the ways in which you can determine which of the type represented by your hair
1 - skinny or thin hair
Owns only 15% of women around the world this type of hair, and is the majority of them are skinned blonde. The diameter of the hair is one of this type 50 microns only, and specifications hair slim it is characterized by texture, soft and drop-down smoothly, "Unfolded" as he seems a bright and wonderful the more take care of him and his health, but it lacks the vitality and appearance of flying attractive to a woman's hair
However, this type of hair tends to wear faster than other species, due to the nature of the weak and light as that of the larger problems, it does not acquire the density easily does not keep Baltsfivp which Odeha him for a long time, but if you use the lotions intensive and fixing hair Kamoos generation
When you wash your hair the weak, prefers to use natural shampoo ingredients nice, and the use of the composition of a light conditioner and put it on hair length and focus on the parties instead of roots
As for the exemplary manner of dressing the hair is the story of a short to end the limbs below the ear with a cut surprise front-intensive "Carré" coloring and some locks of hair, "Hi-Light. In this way Stkhvvin of appearance light Belt of traditional and non-vital. And avoid the story of a gradual or lengthened by exaggerated so as not to weaken the increasingly
2 - hair normal "average thickness"
 Most women have Alcarmtost fish (between thick and light), where the diameter of the hair is one where the 60-90 microns. Specification is the average hair thickness, was more inclined to softness of thick hair, it is also suitable Etemz density greater than the hair light to allow easy control and styling flexibility. The average fish expert hair types of hair normal, and hair that is surrounded by a moderate layer of fat does not need special attention to methods, but be careful of dehydration frequent washing or use of harmful chemicals or with repeated exposure to heat

3 - thick hair
The diameter of each hair in the hair of 100 microns thick to more. And a strong and coarse Almshouse often as it is more weight than other hair types and are usually similar in nature poetry horses
Thick hair tends to dry quickly, so he needs a permanent natural moisturizers. The experts advise lengthening thick hair to gain weight to be more prone to prolapse rather than Alantvash. It is advisable to avoid completely the story of Carian

Hair light and heavy
In addition to the three previous types, two other types of hair and hair are light and thick hair is determined by whether your hair type of this kind or the other based on the number of filaments head and not on the thickness of each hair.
It is not necessary that the hair appears thick, heavy, because it is not sufficient proof of its density, Valfaisal here is the number of hairs, not size, is well known that the average density of natural number of hairs per capita of up 100.000: 150.000 hair, while losing the equivalent of 100:50 hair day 
Ladies have thick hair with the number of about 150.000 hair in the head while women entrepreneurs have light hair hair only 90.000
One of the best ways of styling thick hair is the story of a long and gradual gain smooth and vibrant. As for the light hair is preferred story and coloring some _khaslath to hide the appearance of light
Methods for determining the type of hair
 Hair care experts presented three ways to get to know your hair type are as follows
The first way:
Adopt this method to determine the type of hair by calculating the period in which dry the hair completely natural way. If his hair less than an hour to dry completely, this is a sign that your hair is light and slim. But if the period exceeds that dry the hair for an hour then you will know that you Temtlkin a lot of hair
The second method:
You can also specify the type of Alcaran by careful observation of one of the bristles of the head. Pull your hair out of your head and then Hold a small piece of white paper and put them in front of the hair and then Start in the note.
- If your hair is thin, you will find it very difficult to see the hair is fully behind the paper and Sttokdin once it's fingers touching hands.
- If the average in the fish, it would be easy to see from behind the paper. When Tlamsinh with your fingers, you will find the texture is not an ordinary coarse strong and thin.
- The thick hair, it would be easy to see clearly from behind the paper and feel Bmlmsh coarse strong hands when touching the fingers. 

The third way:
This method relies on identifying the type of hair at the expense of building the volume of hair. Gather all your hair to locks back then Arbtih and make a cake roll and only one - even if your hair is long - and begin to note the size, the thickness was large, you should note that the hair density is acceptable. If the cake small and thin, the hair, unfortunately, not thick as required


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