May be the subject of the article shocking, or use of the word "bald" for women and girls are tough and scary, but this is the truth!Hair loss may reach in some parts of the head to end baldness in women. If you suffer from this problem, do not worry, now you can become a hair transplant in areas Trgbinha easily and great skill gives you a look full of natural beauty and vitality. 

Old hair transplant operations have been of no avail and even make the hair appear unnatural hair like dolls, but now with the evolution of technology is no longer the case as it was. 

Experience has shown, studies that there are some body hairs can always lifetime, while others are, especially those in the scalp prone to damage easily and precipitation, which threatens bald. 

In this sense The idea of ​​transfer of these capillaries Standing areas suffering from rainfall and baldness, and experience research has demonstrated that these filaments when transported to other regions continue to grow naturally Kalshkl which had been growing before.

Months hair transplant methods: 

1 - Follicular Unit Transplantation 

There are several ways to hair transplantation, most notably the Follicular Unit Transplantation (slide method). Is through this method to remove a high bar of hair on the back of the head (donor area) and then cut and cultivation of its parts in areas that suffer from baldness (receiving area) with the suture zone donor again to be very professional, hide the wound after the hair. 

And through this process requires the use of advanced microscope to enable the physician to cut the tape that was taken out into small pieces, each called "Graft", every piece of Jeravc that contain a varying number of capillaries. 

And is then cut cultivation Jeravc small holes in the surface that is prepared in advance, to make them look natural, like the IPL.
In the past he makes a mistake Jeravc doctors and cut into large pieces which were subsequently rectified and replaced with small pieces make Mistirua natural hair and not the hair of dolls

2 - Follicular Unit Extraction 

The second way to grow hair is Follicular Unit Extraction (method of micro-grafts), and through this method requires cutting hair and then extract the hair follicles from the back of the head using a tool like Palmlqat. 

This method takes a very long time and long stages may range from the duration of each phase of between 8 and 10 hours. It is regrettable that the outcome of this method is not satisfactory Calcabakp and cause damage, especially on the roots of the hair that is to extract from the IPL, as well as to the amount of hair that are extracted are much less than the previous method. 

So stop some doctors from the use of this method in the cultivation of scalp hair, and became only used in the cultivation of her eyebrows or mustache in men, while still others used in the cultivation of scalp hair, but along with the first method.

3 - Biofiber 

How to grow hair with synthetics approved any Biofiber is one of the most popular methods of hair transplant that is through the planting of fiber-like hair color and thickness, and these fibers are prepared in the laboratories, especially according to the specifications of the patient. 

4 - Artificial Hair Implant 

Long ago, doctors who grow the hair industry the way the Artificial Hair Implant, but it turned out and experience that wigs or satellite separated gradually with the passage of time from the scalp, which requires the process is repeated more than once as well as inflammation and damage to serious health caused by the hair industry the scalp, so this method completely disappeared from the World Health centers but it is still find her way in some developing countries. 

1 - transplanted hair can grow in a good way naturally very grown after three months and lasts a lifetime. 

2 - can be grown hair at any age after the age of 20 years


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