Hair loss problem that worries all psychological and nervous, particularly women, crown the mirror and hair loss may significantly affect its own image, but has paid in some cases to loss of confidence in itself.

The problem with hair loss in the omission of some women to have poor health status and left to deteriorate until it reaches the end of precipitation. Therefore, you should notice that every woman closely any changes in the hair, both in terms of density or general appearance, hair, like skin and nails reflect the health status of the human body, and hair loss means that there is a bug that needs to be addressed immediately so as not to worsen it

Hair loss may be normal

Keep in mind that hair loss in some cases, be normal then there is no need for concern unless Stmrt amount of hair falling on the rise, and here should only intervene medically to determine the cause of precipitation
Before the interpretation of likelihood of hair loss and to develop possible solutions to them, must know which is composed of natural hair and the stages through which?

First: The hair consists of keratin, a substance the same protein that makes up nails and the outer layer of the skin, the hair shaft consists of
1. A thin layer of Foreign Affairs and protective and without color.
2. Middle layer (cortex) and give the hair strength and color
3. Bone (found in permanent hair) cells and penetrate air spaces

Root hair: there is under the skin in a part of encysted and receives nutrition through capillaries minutes
Going through four stages of hair growth from the beginning and even hair loss

1. Growth phase Anagen: the duration of this stage varies among people, which explains the difference in length hair between races and individuals throughout their lives.
2. Transition Catagen: the second phase extended from two weeks to three weeks.
3. Sleep stage Telogen: This is where stop hair growth, ranging between 2-3 months
4. Stage of the resumption of growth Mesanagen: where hair back again for growth.

Hair loss occurs when abnormal hair stops at the stage of sleep and starts to precipitation, which can then cause baldness in some areas. Usually, this occurs slowly, but that in some cases, degraded thing happening rapidly, surprised by the fall of particles from the patient's hair is significantly

The rate of hair loss per day:

It is known that the rate of hair loss ranging between 50-100 daily hair loss and that any excess of this amount is considered abnormal.
You can test it by pulling about 60 hair with your hand, To find that the rate of 5-8 hairs are falling, but if they fell more than 15 hair, it means you suffer from hair loss.
Keep in mind that 90% of the hair in a state of continuous growth and 10% in the case of sleep to fall after 2-3 months, which represents 10% of the hair that falls naturally every day to be replaced by new hair

Causes of hair loss:
The causes of hair loss vary from woman to another but in the end will not depart from the scope of the following reasons

1.            Stress or nervous.
2. An imbalance in hormones.
3. Change of hormones in birth control.
4. Genetic reasons.
5. Defect in the immune system
6. Parasites hair.
7. Defect in the thyroid gland.
8. Bad diets.
9. Lack of vitamins, iron and protein from the body
10. Cosmetics Hairdressing harmful.
11. Radiation and chemotherapy.
12. Dental treatment.
13. Anemia.
14. Some medicines.
15. Chronic diseases.
16. Surgical operations.
17. Fear.

Simple ways to start in the treatment of hair loss

If you suffer from hair loss in a simple Fabdii of the day to follow the following tips, which inevitably will reduce your hair loss significantly

1. Integrated diet: Follow a diet rich in fresh vegetables and foods rich in vitamins and may try to minimize the possible sugars and saturated fat foods
2. Azzi hair growth vitamins: no objection to the granting body reduced quantities of vitamins reasonably consult with your doctor.

3. Regulate hormones: If you have approached the menopause and menopause Vanma suffer and some of the hormonal changes that you can overcome them with appropriate medical drugs.

4. Massage: a light massage to the head of the fur should catch a lot and will enhance the flow of blood and thus hair growth.

5. Your mental health: Try as much as possible to get rid of any psychological problem Twrqk this problem may be a major cause of hair loss without've got to realize

If you do not stop your hair from precipitation must be time to consult with your doctor to make sure that there is no organic disease or disorder of vital functions and this will not be seen only through medical tests and analysis


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