Update of the journey creativity being followed by house Chanel World in the manufacture of tools and cosmetics, the expert cosmetic famous Peter Phillips, who works as director creative for Chanel created a set makeup new title ILLUSIONS D'OMBRES DE CHANEL preparation for the season of autumn is characterized by bold, mystery and two stamps are essential for the house
Prevail on the set of colors that are vague Kalnhace shiny and gold and silver Kalorda with soft colors, purple and khaki. The group includes the following

1 - package under a single eyelids ILLUSION D'OMBRE LONG WEAR LUMINOUS EYESHADOW composition shiny gel texture that is soft impact on the eyelid and a small brush designed specifically for the development of IP Shadow easily. The IP Shadow of Chanel in the six primary colors are black and reddish brown and khaki, violet, white and peach

2 - Manicure LE VERNIS NAIL COLOUR three colors are bright silvery-beige diagonal QUARTZ GRAPHITE, silver metallic, green, obliqua Gold PERIDOT

3 - Lipstick ROUGE COCO enlightening two colors are pink slash of brown and beige diagonal ETOLE of peach PLUMETIS.

4 - Registry to determine the lips Le Crayon Levres pure black pink, pink slash of brown

5 - Lip Glossimers painted bright pink and light brown.

6 - Powder Blush JOUES CONTRASTE soft pink color.

7 - an explosive under the eyelids LES 4 OMBRES of four colors: beige, pink, gray and peach.

8 - Registry of the eye LE CRAYON YEUX provider of high brush available khaki italics for silver.


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