Styles of the most attractive and the difference in fashion to get up mixing and coordination in non-traditional fashions are even in the evening. Elegance is no longer just means to wear the same color as a handbag and shoe accessories .. Here's the look you can implement the following model

Shine in the Evening dress or silk crepe dress embossed like the slave of the Dolce & Gabbana leopard-skin carvings, Pkrainc on the quantity and the tail

Try to choose Xssuara a bright, modern Vlmzar more, choose a diamond or crystal with white gold earring such a slave of Ileana Makr

Choices of traditional shoe and says that the bag must Akunan one color dress and the like, that is beige or brown or black or copper with their nuances. But you can depart from this Albalth just choosing a color bright bold Kalprtqala dark in the shoes of a simple Bmodel Jimmy Choo


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