Comes the summer season many of the fashions in various colors and patterns. Although the flowers are the key to fashion this season, but it added to inscriptions again this year, including the abstract, as we shall see in the next topic.


Different patterns, some of which are abstract comes in the form of fingerprints or strikes feather colors such short designer dress of chiffon decorated with abstract colors of turquoise, gray and light pink from Alice + Olivia.

The inscriptions come Calverashat inspired by nature and flowers but the vehicle or overlapping like the slave of Valentino dress without sleeves, black embossed flowers and butterflies are small at the neck and cascade down to the white color in the skirt.

There are bold and abstract patterns in the form of part Amplifier of flowers such wonderful dress from Roberto Cavalli, black chiffon, adorned with amplifier part of the flower color Alawrkida conciliator 


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