If you dream to get nails long and strong, this is not difficult at all, you can follow the following tips to get to what you want.

Make sure to eat foods rich in nutrients that the body needs for growth and health of nails, and such as calcium, iron, and zinc.

Make sure to moisturize your hands and nails particularly moisturizing cream before bed, and after removing nail polish, nails do not look so pale.
Make sure you trim your nails properly to avoid being broken and damaged.

Use nail polish or nail polish of good quality appropriate to maintain the strength of your nails because the frequent use of nail polish, cheap contains components may affect the health and shape of the nails in the long term.

Use a nail hardener when you try to lengthen your nails because it helps to strengthen nails and prevent them from soft break easily.
Advised not to use paint remover because it could greatly damage the nails. As well as better use of nail polish remover acetone-free.

Nail biting is a bad habit not to mention the impact of such distortion usually in the form of nails and hands in general. The nail-biting as a means of transmission of bacteria and germs to the body through the mouth, So pray just to stop the habit.

Finally, olive oil is a natural remedy to the problem of cracking and weak nails, painted nails Try to use olive oil because it works to hydrate the nail maker, also contains important vitamins for the health and shine to the nails.


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