The group adopted the pieces striped and dotted, clothed with a design like the Arab, they are like the idea of ​​significantly different lengths of the drop-down shawl

 Alexandra Kiesel
The colors are the title of this group included where degrees of strong primary colors with geometric designs carvings to a large extent, this choice is one of the strongest fashion trends this season.

Simplicity is the most characteristic formations diesel all the time, which is the case this season as well. All pieces can be worn without any exaggeration. With regard to color, were all neutral except for the red color Batikhi who appeared in some of the pieces

Escada Sport
In the same colors and the simplicity of diesel, Escada Sport, a group. The group included also some pieces with varying inscriptions surreal blue and simple.

Hugo Boss
The group included a variety of models colored white, silver, all marked by simplicity. Followed by a host of other colors, blue and white and Batikhi and adopted some of the inscriptions on the engineering and deception in visual design. The group is on the whole process simple and at the same time


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